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Who Are You.

Who are you.

With your wide, budding eyes

Red as roses on the smallest headstone

Can you see the hues beneath my skin

crunching through my veins

dying my soft marrow a shimmering gold

What do you want.

some warm honey to soothe your cracking throat

and tame the fire flaming on your tongue

would you like to snap my bones

and leave me wounded for the wolves

Are you afraid. Frightened. Petrified.

of standing tall against the skyline

are you terrified your timid stance will be overcome

by the towering city atop your shoulders

No? Not you?

do you blossom with amusement

entertained by the ominous path that beckons you forth

dark and filthy with fallen forest

are you prepared to clear the brush and creature skulls

Dare you hold your head above mine

you may feel mighty

you may feel strong

but when you straighten you spine

jut out your chin

pound at your breast

you look small to me.

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