VSS 365 Flash Fiction

As some of you know, VSS 365 selects a one word prompt to inspire writers to... well... write. Here are some of the favorites I've done and be sure to check out their website if you're interested in trying your hand at it!


He said I drove him to drink, made him think about his life. He said I drove him away, but he couldn’t #face his own mistakes. Time will take its toll and we will meet again when we’re old, he told me. By then I’ll be too tired to talk.


She played it as a song, but I understood. It was a letter, the #note she refused to leave on the kitchen table the night she didn’t come home. An apology. If only I knew how to forgive. If only she did.


We waded through the high waters, the river muck stuck to our chins. Enough to exfoliate our skin, scrape away the scars of our sins. We rose up and sang, we’ll find our #freedom tonight. Though the milk is curdled, the honey is stale, we survived the night and prevailed.


“You are my entree, darling,” he said. “With you I am nourished, revitalized. The other women, they are #dessert. Something sweet to help digest the meal. I need you, I only want them.”

“Eat your cake, love,” she said. His hand trembled as he swallowed his last bite.


I was alive somewhere between ember and ash. Alone. Suffocating on the #finality of her. Destined to wonder if I could have stopped myself. Alas, she was gone and I would not follow. Trapped between my guilt and power. To live another day would be my sweetest revenge.