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The Theatre and a Lifetime of Misery

Don’t play with me, demons

I’m much too tired

for our regular talks today

I have much less to say

now that my suitcase is

packed to the brim

I tossed all the straw wrappers

and empty cans in the bin

wiped down my dusty steering wheel

all the spare change

hiding beneath the seats

now resides in the bank

so don’t play with me, demons

I‘ll be on my way soon enough

is it much too much

to ask you to let me alone

just for another day

to gather my things

and leave

cursing the doors

you chose to shut on me

such camaraderie

until you lose the absolute


you desperately crave

that you will never have

and any friends that break bread

in your faux regime

are not the comrades

you believe them to be


but I will leave

and let you play house

dressing up a rabid boar

disguised as a mouse

and when the curtains rise

and the actors enter scene

you will most certainly find

theatrics are not what you need

so leave me be, demons

I will not apologize

for not being

what you wanted me to be.

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