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I can hear you screaming beneath the frequencies

somewhere dark and deep

where the sea is stopped by hard rock

where the whales go to decompose

I gnarl my teeth and fight my way down to you

tethered to the shallow waters, I gnaw off my feet

and sink with such effort

I am too tired to breathe

but I can hear you, darling, believe me

no matter how out of phase you might be

You ring and resonate and echo

my limbs are compacting

under the weight of the waves

as your signal turns to static

through the white noise

I lose you


and wake up soiled in the sand.

I walked back to the room

where they painted your faded lips

a bright and shimmering pink

and pulled your skin back over your skull

I packed all of their condolences away

in a lavender hat box and headed back

to the life I should have lived

when you still held marrow in your bones

And darling, I’ll try to forget

how I didn’t answer the phone.

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