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Lies, Lies,

and Compromise

and No

i don't get what i want

i get what i need to survive

to breathe through my teeth

with deep heavy sighs

my Love, what a shame it is

to see the trees bend and undress

as the earth stops her momentum

just for a moment to rest

just for a moment to seize the breeze

that flows wildly through the unkempt grasses

to break the endless cycle

to embrace the heat of the wicked sun

as we all sizzle away

someday, Darling, is Today


Today is all We have

and all that is racing to be lost

No matter the cost, my Friend

We must rush to the river banks

shed the cement in Our boots

let loose the boulders on Our chest

and feel the wetness in Our throats

as We learn to Speak again.

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