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Song For A Monster

and he clawed at my skin

with flesh in his teeth

and he bit through the bone

I thought i heard his jaw break

I took a step towards the door

and I swore that id run away

I swore that I’d run away

but he got me to stay

and deep within my skull

his parasites lay eggs

and beg me to hold him

as they feast on my brain

And i took a run towards the road

and I swore that i’d drive away

I swore that i’d drive away

but he got me to stay

he held my head on the tracks

and i could only pray

that if god was real

she would not stop the train

and I wanted to be stronger

I wanted to be brave

but i couldn’t find a reason

to want to be saved

As the sun was setting

my elbows were bruised

my ankle was broken

and my teeth were loose

My blood was pumping

through the holes in my heart

my vision was vacant

my tongue was tart

The full moon was raging

his spine was twisted up

I howled at the monster

This isn’t anything



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