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Son of My Strength

Character Study: The Beginnings of Ben Mitchell

Maggie’s blouse tore from the neckline as she toppled through the door. She had small blue spots from her forehead down around her trembling wrists. The young Benjamin retrieved the bandages from under the kitchen sink. He should have been asleep, but waited for his mother, even on school nights, to clean her cuts.

“Your father did this to us,” she slurred as the young Benjamin guided her to the tattered sofa.

He blotted her cheeks, wiping away the dripping mascara as she wept into her fists. Leaning back onto the stained, filthy fabric, her foot jerked up, toppling a half-empty bottle of clear liquor onto the young Benjamin’s completed homework.

“You’re a good boy, Benny,” Maggie pushed the words out of her blackened lungs as her head rolled back and her glossy eyes closed hard. “You’ll get us out of here.”

He tugged at the quilt beneath her, wrapping it around her bruised form. With a gentle kiss on her cheek, the young Benjamin gathered his soiled papers and returned to his textbook.

Ben Mitchell Concept Art

(Artist: Nate Wilke @nate_wilke_art)

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