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Soft, Simple, Calm, Gentle Rage

It awakens as a soft, simple rage you feel the earth cracking

Friend, I think that river is rising

soon enough

that pretty little levy will rip its stitching

leaving us to gnaw at the dampening shore

biting stones to chip our teeth


now you look more like me.

all you need is a mighty drink

and to wear the glare of the tv screen

Screeching, swearing at barren soil

kissing the ground of an empty grave

...who is drifting away now...

your tongue is too swollen

poisoned by all that time you said we'd have

swallow it down now

those horse pills that hold your lines

cementing them in your mind

oh yes, Friend, you can practice

recite each syllable to the T

you still sound like me

singing that song on repeat

until you hate yourself just enough to fall asleep.

oh yes, Friend

It will awaken as a calm, gentle rage once again

until the mornings ascend

no more.

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