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Quiet Shadows - The Teaser Haiku Collection, Volume 1

quiet shadows lurk

within the burning embers

searching for the lie

time froze around me

the days wilted into years

and i have not changed

he shuffled the cards

tasted his double whiskey

begging me to fold

she smells like daisies

twisting her tongue like sunlight

how can i compare

play the ace of spades

keep the cards tight in your hand

let them distract you

let it rain she said

let the long nails pierce the wood

she will find a way

it does not make sense

you and i and our allies

waited patiently

you don't get to choose

but i put my money down

waiting for the turn

pour yourself a drink

do not act like you are green

you are one of us

the wrong survivor

cold grey skin and sunken cheeks

it should have been me

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