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Oh, How Treacherous We Had Been Part 2

Our paper skin, moistened by the waves

itched with the red kiss of the sun

burning us awake

slumber was not as kind as We had hoped

and now the agony was loud in our blood

oh, how We craved the comfort of shade

How far from the shore had We sailed?

We came to with the saline ocean drying our lungs

We waited, dehydrated, to drink from the clouds

oh, how We missed the stain of wine on our teeth

and the hard crunching of bones in our jaw

This desperate hunger left us weak

our brittle hearts were still healing

prone to the musings of the sea

where our ears were feeling

the sirens wail and screech

calling us back to our cages

We could not turn back around

stasis was an ailment We would no longer indulge

so We sat at the mercy of the vast openness

and spoke nothing of gold or goods

We held our quietness competently

and let the waters speak softly to the land

oh, how treacherous we had been

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