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Oh, How Treacherous We Had Been, Part 1

Mandibles danced in the moonlight

the sweet taste of cherries and fermented glut

paired heavenly with roasted tenderloins

we were fed to be plump and satiated

so what then left our stomachs vacant?

The wanting, we thought

was such a devilish deed

our mood ought to be every shade of joy

instead, we abandoned all reason

caving in on our empty hearts

and when the tall doors opened

melody steamed from our mouths

We felt our madness poison the air

and set the house ablaze

that wretched sorrow melted our flesh into our bones

we smelt of such despair

even our skeletons couldn’t bear the weight

and crumbled into dust

We drifted away in the midnight winds

blended our souls with the starving sand

where we could listen

and we listened to understand

oh, how treacherous we had been


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