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My Boy

With all the clear skies

the golden clouds and indigo seas

the rich soil still swallows a lamenting seed.

And i turned to you to see

if i could grow beside the oaks

hard bark to cover my fading skin

fragile from the burning sun

red from running through the blistering wind

to meet you

before you left.

my boy, you looked at me

as a specter

a foreign geist

and you, my boy

were a silhouette.

My bones melted with each whimper

forgotten as soon as they were spoke

I could not speak, you see

without choking

my boy, you looked at me

but you could not see who i was

and you were so tired

you rested your head on me

and i had no choice

but to let you sleep.

And now the sun does not glow

the snow never felt so cold

the skyline is covered in dust and fog

And to love you is to be alone

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