Alison A. Ross is a multi-talented artist and writer. After graduating from McNally Smith College of Music in 2018 and returning from her internship in London, Ross has turned her attention more to her lost love of writing. Now, with an abundance of experiences and emotions to share, Ross has been putting her words together in these intriguing poetry as well as focusing her words in a long-form, dystopian novel series. 

Although Ross is working tirelessly on her writing, she has not abandoned her love of music. Since the split of her beloved band, Sonic Coitus, Ross has been hard at work writing new songs. It won't be long until she is back on stage! 

A Note:

I've been hiding. Afraid. The threshold has been hit and I have seen the levy breaking. Now I must learn to swim with the rushing river lest be overtaken by the flood. Dance with me in the stream and bathe with the ideas I've found too devastating to say. 

These are all just words you've heard before screaming beneath the frequencies. Streaming from my fingernail teeth. All of my laments finally on display, as i search for something to keep me sane. We all fall into the abyss of self-loathing and loneliness. Tonight, perhaps even today, I will fight to be seen once again.

Read or be written. It's all the same.